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Frequently asked questions about getting started in Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS)

Q: What guns do I need to get started?
We use firearms typical of the mid-to-late 19th century.  You will need two single action revolvers, a pistol caliber lever action rifle, and a shotgun. Specific details can be found in the SASS Shooter's Handbook

Q: I don't have all the necessary guns or holsters yet, can I still come shoot?
Yes; most people start without some of the needed equipment.  It can also be helpful to visit with us before you buy so you can see the different types of guns used and see if club members have any for sale.  If you don't have holsters or a shotgun belt, we do have a spare to borrow for that match.  Please email us before hand if interested in use.

Q: What can I wear?
Participants wear clothing typical of the old west, so no tennis shoes or baseball caps.  You will see many shooters who really look like they stepped out of the old west, but new shooters usually start with a pair of boots, levi's, a long sleeve western shirt, and a cowboy hat.

Q: What ammunition will I need for a match?
All ammunition must be lead or lead alloy, no copper jacketed or semi-jacketed bullets are allowed because they damage the targets. For a one-day match you will need 60-70 rounds of pistol ammo, 60-70 rounds of rifle ammo, and 25-30 shotgun.

Q: I don't have a gun cart, what can I do?
No problem, we have a spare to borrow or can temporarily get had hooked up with another pard with has some free space.

Q: What does a monthly match cost?
Non- Oak Park Sportsmen's Club members pay $15, Members $10, and kids are Free (under 16).

Q: Do I need to be a member?
No, you don't need to be a SASS member or a club member to shoot with us. 

Q: Should I bring a lunch or bottled water?
Lunch may be available at some matches., usually bottled water is available for free at the range, may want to bring extra specially during hot weather.

Q: Do you take credit cards?
No, we can only accept cash only.

Q: What do I do when I arrive at the Match?
You can park outside of the main house, fill out a shooter registration form (available on website under forms) or in backroom of clubhouse and go see the registration person in the front part of the building.  ALL NEW SHOOTERS TO OAK PARK SPORTSMEN'S CLUB MUST GO THROUGH A QUICK SAFETY QUALIFICATION, so please arrive early to get that done.  Just make sure you are comfortable with some basics and safe gun handling procedures .  We will have you sign a waiver.

Q: Can my spouse and/or kids come watch?
Yes, anybody is welcome to come watch.  Ear protection  and eye protection are required for everyone on the range.

Q: Are there facilities on the range?
Yes, there is a bath house with running water and flush toilets in the main building.